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Stellar Advisory Services - Our Services.

Stellar Advisory Services can assist your business through delivering the following services:

  • Undertaking due diligence assessments and the preparation of reports on what you are actually acquiring when you purchase an existing water allocation and/or water licence - find out the water access conditions, the volumes of water you can access, the reliability of this access and the capacity to trade water when you purchase a water allocation or a water licence.

  • Undertaking desk top and field assessments and the preparation of reports on existing constructed works to take water and ascertaining what works approvals are actually in place. If you are purchasing an existing water allocation and/or a water licence, this ensures that any non-complying works are identified and appropriately dealt with before you sign a contract.

  • Undertaking detailed assessments and preparing easy to understand advice on the impacts of Queensland's water plans on existing water entitlements - find out how an existing Water Resource Plan or a Resource Operations Plan impacts on your water entitlements or the management of your business.

  • Undertaking assessments of the potential impacts of Queensland's draft water plans on existing entitlements and the preparation of submissions to government - find out how a draft Water Resource Plan or a Resource Operations Plan could impact on your operations and have an appropriate submission prepared. Stellar can prepare submissions and/or objections for individuals, industry groups or corporations.

  • Access to a detailed understanding of Queensland's water industry. Find out which Department to go to and who to see in the government agencies to assist you in progressing your development proposals.

  • Analysis and preparing easy to understand outlines of the direct impacts of Queensland's water, mining, petroleum & gas and other legislation and associated policy documents, on primary industry enterprises and ventures.

  • Analysis and tailored advice on the best way to fast track investigations and negotiations on securing access to a water entitlement to meet your future business plans. Stellar can source what opportunities exist to secure water from an unallocated water reserve or to enter the water trade markets to buy existing water allocations.

Last Updated: 12/03/2015