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Stellar Advisory Services – Our Capability

Stellar Advisory Services is a private company that was established in 2011 to provide specialist services in the areas of water planning, water management, water entitlements and water impacts associated with mining and petroleum & gas operations. Tom Crothers, the Company's sole Director, has worked for over 35 years in the natural resource management sector and brings to the Company an in depth knowledge of Queensland's statutory water planning and allocation framework including Water Resource Plans and Resource Operations Plans, and how they impact on individuals or corporations at the property level.

Stellar Advisory Services has the capacity to analyse and provide easy to understand outlines of the direct impacts of Queensland's water, mining and petroleum & gas legislation and associated policy documents on primary industry enterprises and ventures.

Stellar Advisory Services has the capacity to evaluate the potential impacts of draft statutory water plans (Water Resource Plans and Resource Operations Plans) on your property and to prepare targeted submissions to government on your behalf. Stellar also has the experience and knowledge to interpret the impacts of existing water plans on your business aspirations.

With water resources becoming increasingly scarcer and entitlements to access water becoming more valuable each year, it is essential that businesses are fully aware of the provisions and associated conditions of their water entitlements. Stellar Advisory Services has the capacity to undertake high integrity due diligence assessments of water allocations and water licences for clients considering substantial investments, which are dependent on access to a reliable water source. Stellar also has the capacity to inspect and evaluate existing constructed works to take water, against works construction approvals, and alert you to the existence of any non-complying works.

Stellar Advisory Services has an extensive knowledge of the rural water business, it knows how government does business, it knows who to contact in what Department and it has the capacity to assist your enterprise to make better decisions that mitigate your risk exposure and meet your business development needs.

Stellar Advisory Services also has the capacity to draw on additional professional resources to support you in the planning and achievement of your business aspirations.

Last Updated: 12/03/2015