Quality Assurance

Stellar Advisory Services prides itself on the quality of services that it provides. Once your specific enquiry and service needs are clarified, Stellar Advisory Services has processes in place to ensure that its advice is accurate, it is aligned with your specific needs and it is provided in a timely manner. Stellar Advisory Services also has review and client feedback processes built into its quality assurance framework.


Stellar Advisory Services has the capacity to provide a wide range of specialist services in the water planning, water management and water entitlement areas as well as the development of submissions on water plans and entitlements and matters associated with water impacts from mining and petroleum & gas projects. Stellar Advisory Services can provide you with advice of the impacts of Queensland's statutory water frameworks on your existing or future business enterprise.

Diverse Skills

Stellar Advisory Services has an in depth knowledge of the statutory and policy frameworks relating to Queensland's Water, Mining and Petroleum & Gas legislation. Stellar has a full understanding of; the management provisions of the water and resources regulatory environments, the water trading market and the water access opportunities including the measures of access reliability for your enterprise.

Welcome to Stellar Advisory Services

Stellar Advisory Services is a company which provides specialist services in the water entitlement and management areas. Its Principal, Tom Crothers was raised on a pastoral and farming property in South-West Queensland before undertaking an exemplary 35 year natural resource management career with the Queensland Government. Stellar Advisory Services has the capability and capacity to assist you in your understanding of the impacts of Queensland's Water, Mining and Petroleum & Gas legislation on your business and the progressing of your development aspirations.

Last Updated: 12/03/2015